how many screens is too many?

Depending on your needs, it may be a more viable option to buy more screens than one. Yes, two may be cheaper than one! If your focus is multi-functionality with your PC, then you are probably using the same PC for work, gaming, emails, social media, googling recipes, and so on. To get the most out of your monitor it may be worth considering two smaller monitors each focused on niche abilities than to buy one big monitor that does both. For instance, one high resolution, color accurate monitor for design work and a bright, faster monitor intended for gaming and multitasking purposes are cheaper than a large single monitor that does all of the above.

As stated in our Resolution guide, in order to achieve a higher pixel density closer to the preferred 100, a smaller monitor will help you get there. If resolution doesn’t drastically affect your workflow then two to three smaller monitors, even with QHD resolution, makes economic and operational sense, especially if you have the flexible neck and stand options that allow you to rotate your monitors for horizontal scrolling functions. A 27 inch 4K monitor cost the same as three 24 inch 1080p monitors.

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-Joshua Lepard, Author

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