Custom PC Building

The service we are offering is building you a custom PC to fit your exact needs at your exact budget. The expectation for PC gaming is that you should build your own rig, but building a computer from scratch can be very intimidating. Our service is much less stressful and you can play games on day one while you learn at your own pace. We will be 100% transparent with you about the build process and even include an upgrade guide specific to your rig.

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Computer Repair

We can do more than build! Whether it's a hard drive issue, malfunctioning part, just running slowly, or anything else, we can find a solution for you! We charge way less than Geek Squad and can fully explain the issue in simple terms. No sales gimmicks or price gauging! Please note that computer repair is only available in Cincinnati, Ohio. We would never ask you to send us your computer.

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