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PC Gaming versus Console Gaming

The holidays are finally here to wrap up this roller coaster of a year. We've all spent more time indoors than we are accustomed to and for many of us that means playing more video games. Whether that has meant more Fortnite wins or more Minecraft binges depends on your preference. We're here to help guide you to the best choice for your particular situation. In order to do that, we need to discuss a few factors.

The work from home (WFH) Factor

Working from home has nearly become universal and not everyone was prepared for it. If you have been asked to work from home or in a remote capacity, a PC may be the best option for you.

The Online Factor

If you have been a long time console user, you may not realize that the capability to play online with others does NOT have to cost you. You read that correctly, paying for Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, and Nintendo Online are completely unique to consoles. Online gaming is completely free with a PC. This is a huge savings when you consider that online console services charge you for a service every month whether you use it or not.

The Upgrade Factor

Unlike consoles, a PC can be upgraded at any point in time without buying an entirely new system! Once you own a game, you own it forever on any PC you own! You can pick apart and build entirely an new PC without having to worry about losing your games or data!

The Social Factor

The social factor is often overlooked when considering what gaming system to buy this holiday season but it can be very important. What do your friends and family play on? A brand new shiny console might not be as fun if all your friends just switched to PC. The opposite is also true. Video games are often more fun when the experience is shared with others.

The Game Exclusives Factor

Everyone has their favorite game that either got them in to the hobby or handcuffed them to a specific platform. The good news is that many games exclusive to either the Xbox or the PlayStation are universally available on PC. Games like Halo: Master Chief Collection and Horizon Zero Dawn will be one click away with your gaming PC.

The Conclusion

Should you get a PC or a console? You are really the only person that can make that decision. Factors to consider are working from home, long-term cost, upgrade intentions, your friends and the games you want to play the most. All of these play a part in deciding between getting a PC or a console.

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