About Us

Our At-Cost Approach

There are a lot of ways to buy a computer. You can get something from a retail store that's pre-made overseas or you can get a used one online. We feel that both these examples are lacking in quality and passion. We truly enjoy putting computers together and making all the parts work. That is why all our computers are charged AT-COST. We will also work with you on the build, do our best to educate you about the process, and even include an upgrading guide when the finished product is done.

Here's How It Works

  1. Contact us through our website or Facebook Messenger
  2. We discuss your needs and settle on your ideal budget
  3. We send you a parts list for you to approve
  4. Once approved, you pay an initial deposit
  5. We purchase parts for your computer
  6. We live stream the building process of your computer on Twitch, Facebook, and Instagram Live
  7. You pickup and payoff your computer

Meet the Team

We are a small and local operation focused on sharing the joy that can come from gaming and computer building. We can do it at a better price than big box stores and we can do it with a lot more passion and performance.

Tyler Brown custom PC building Cincinnati

Tyler Brown

Founder & CEO

I'm the builder. I will be putting together the parts list according to your budget and also putting together your rig.

My Personal Build History

first setup custom PC building Cincinnati
College Station custom PC building Cincinnati
college station 2 custom PC building Cincinnati
new apartment setup custom PC building Cincinnati
green setup custom PC building Cincinnati