refresh rate

The refresh rate is how many times a monitor’s screen updates. This is measured in Hertz, Hz, and needs to be able to refresh as often as the graphics card can feed images to the monitor. When the monitor cannot keep up screen tearing, motion blur, and screen locking occur. During gaming this can be the difference between making last second, game-winning decisions, the final kill. This can impede watching or editing high velocity video. 60Hz is the baseline average for non gaming usage. Gamers and designers using TN panels will see refresh rates of 300Hz or more, while IPS panels max out around 240Hz. A good reference to start from is to check your graphics card’s power, then find a monitor that compliments its rate.

Response Time is a measurement of the screen’s ability to switch pixels and transition between black and white, or gray and gray. This is measured in milliseconds, ms. A 60Hz monitor will operate at 16ms unless otherwise modified. A great response time is 5ms or less. TN panels operate at high refresh rates and response times as low as 1ms, which is why they are sought out most often by gamers and video editors.

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