color gamut

Color Gamut is one way your monitor communicates with your graphics card, and has the potential to show off the graphics card. Color gamut is the range of light (color) the monitor is capable of replicating. Monitors run on multiple possible color gamuts measuring the total number of colors displayed. Samsung uses the NTSC color gamut, while other displays use RGB, sRGB, or Adobe RGB. sRGB is a great color gamut for creatives and designers because it is closest to the color gamut of photographic paper in order to replicate the color from the monitor to the photo paper it is printing on. Consumer monitors typically run between 72-75%, premium level monitors run 90-105%, and professional grade color accurate monitors run above 110% upwards of 150%. It is worth considering that the best color gamut does not mean the best monitor. A high level color gamut is better, but if your computer use is not dependent upon it, then the cost of a professional display is unnecessarily high. For those looking for a color accurate display-focused monitor, we recommend the BenQ PD2700U. The 27 inch 4K monitor with IPS panel, 100% sRGB color gamut is $500 here This computer is not advised for competitive gamers because of the panel type which is discussed in part two.

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