curved monitor

Curved screens are not new. They’ve been in use since the 50’s, and yet just now breaking their way into the computer market with seemingly overwhelming support from the tech community. Is it really worth the switch? Will a flat monitor prevent you from doing anything you can do on a curved monitor? No. If you’re worried your monitor is worse purely because it is flat, it’s not. The choice between the two screen types is a matter of personal preference.

The curved monitor is praised for a more immersive experience than its flat counterpart. This is the underlying reason why many consumers switch from flat to curved. Augmented reality and virtual reality glasses are more so the next step in digital immersiveness. A curved monitor and a flat monitor are still monitors. Being more immersed in your work or your game sounds worth the upgrade, but is based purely on perception: some critics even argue there is no difference at all. Nearly all the factors that make the curved monitor unique take advantage of the third dimension to improve the user’s experience. In order to figure out which is best for you, let’s separate the opinions from the facts.

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-Joshua Lepard, Author

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