aspect ratios

Aspect Ratio is the proportion of the height and width of the screen on your monitor typically measured in a comparison separated by a colon. A standard aspect ratio is 16:9, indicating an ‘x’ of 16 units wide and a ‘y’ of 9 units high. 4:3 was the common screen aspect ratio even in gaming coinciding with analogue television displays until 2003.  With creative design and professional gaming more common on computer monitors there are more technical ratios that are advantageous for these purposes. Laptops typically use a 3:2 aspect ratio, 16:10 increases height a little for extended viewing space, and 21:9 is a popular ultrawide ratio for hardcore multitasking and ‘immersive’ gaming. It is important, if turning toward alternative aspect ratios to pay attention to the scaling of the resolution. For now, the standard is the recommended aspect ratio, unless using an ultrawide monitor. Whether it’s gaming, design, scrolling through the internet, 16:9 is standard for a reason.

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